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Video: Iran intervenes in Iraq to restore 'Persian empire' - Soleimani

Video: Iran intervenes in Iraq to restore Persian empire - Soleimani

Iran has intervened in Iraq's affairs to restore the glory of the Persian Empire, Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds force leader, said in a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Sunday.

He added that Iran's hostility towards Iraq is not new as Iran destroyed the infrastructure of several areas in Iraq, killed millions of innocent Iraqi civilians to achieve its plots in the region.

He continued that Iran's aim is not only occupying Iraq but expanding its influence in the region as well to revive the alleged Persian empire.

The Iranian Mullah's regime plots is to carry out demographic changes in the Sunni areas, exploiting the deteriorating security situations in the Iraqi cities and the high tensions in the Middle East to create Shia majority and rule the Arab territories.

Last Modified: Sunday، 03 December 2017 11:36 AM