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Abadi has to disclose names of corrupt officials – MP

Haider al-Abadi

State of Law Coalition MP Nahla al-Hababi has called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to disclose the names included in the corrupt officials list  
In a press statement issued Wednesday, al-Hababi said that combating corruption requires genuine steps not hollow slogans.
Announcing the anti-corruption campaign without issuing arrest warrants for corrupt officials will allow them to flee abroad, she noted.   
Abadi or his spokesperson has to disclose the names of corrupt officials included in the list so that people know that the government is serious about the anti-corruption campaign, she further stated. 
The MP added that fighting corruption requires concerted efforts of all political parties to bring to justice those who have plundered public funds. 
Earlier on Wednesday, MP Jassim al-Bayati announced that the anti-corruption campaign will be launched at the beginning of the next year.  
Earlier, it was reported that Abadi formed a supreme anti-corruption commission that will include foreign experts. The commission will be under the prime minister's direct supervision. 

Last Modified: Wednesday، 29 November 2017 01:15 PM