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Sadr to infuse new blood into political process - MP

Muqtada al-Sadr

Sadrist Movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr is attempting to make radical changes in the political process, Ahrar bloc, affiliated to Sadrist Movement, revealed Thursday. 

Abdul Azia al-Zalimi, an Ahrar bloc MP, said that al-Sadr wants to infuse new blood into the upcoming electoral process. 

Sadr has called for changing the current leaders following political Islam’s failure in running the country, al-Zalimi noted. 

Sadr is intending to complete his reform project by selecting figures who are neither associated with sectarianism nor partisanism, he further stated. 

Popular protests have not seen an active participation by the current parties, the MP pointed out.  
Zalimi ruled out any internal splits within the movement, adding that its members are spiritually connected to Sadr, whether they are involved in politics or not. 

Last week, Zalimi said the Sadrist Movement will establish a national bloc based on loyalty to homeland that transcends sectarianism.

The MP further stated that Sadrist Movement leader will call for the establishment of a bloc that includes all ethnicities and is based on loyalty to Iraq.

The new bloc will neither be based on partnership nor consensus. Sadr will choose qualified technocrats to join the new bloc, he added. 

Last Modified: Thursday، 23 November 2017 12:06 PM