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Hariri to visit Cairo: What is going on?

President Sisi and Hariri

Plane of resigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is expected to touch down in Cairo in the coming few hours.

This visit is significant, say experts, given the timing and the tense situation in Lebanon.
Also, Hariri will meet President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, which raised questions about the aims of the visit, and its repercussions.

Hariri resigned as Lebanese prime minister on November 4th while he was on a visit to Saudi Arabia, citing security concerns about his life and unbearable meddling of the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia.

Egypt welcomes


 Ambassador Bassam Rady, spokesman for the presidency, said that Egypt welcomes the visit of the outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri at any time

He added the telephone call received by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi from his French counterpart Emanuel Macron comes within the context of the Egyptian-French relations which have witnessed a big boost and convergence of viewpoints, especially with regard to the situation in the region, and the Lebanese file in particular.

During his visit to France, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that he would return to Lebanon to participate in Lebanon's Independence Day on November 22.

He also added he will clarify his positions after meeting the Lebanese president Michel Aoun.
Hariri and his family traveled from Saudi Arabia to Paris at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macaron, who met him in the Elysee, after two weeks of Iranian-Qatari lies about Hariri's situation in Saudi Arabia.

Both countries, through their media outlets, spread rumors that he had been under house arrest in Saudi.

These claims have proved unfounded.

Anti-Iran alliance

Experts say Hariri's visit to Cairo and meeting with President Sisi is aimed to send several message.

First of all, this visit reiterates Egypt's unmitigated support for Lebanon and its independence, they said.

Also, the move reveals the unified position adopted by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and France for facing up to the Iranian threats.

Hariri's resignation came as a warning of the mounting threat of Iran stooges inside Lebanon.

In the speech where he declared his resignation, Hariri said the situation in Lebanon is reminiscent of the days that preceded the assassination of his father Rafiq al-Hariri.

Destruction and sedition prevail in the spots where Iran meddles, and its terror in Syria Yemen Iraq and Lebanon attests to this.

He also said the militia of Hezbollah is Iran's arm in Lebanon.

Experts hailed all the steps made by Hariri since he tendered his resignation, after which they said he is connecting the dots.

Hariri is well aware of the Iranian meddling. So he wanted to expose the underhand schemes and sound the alarm on the deteriorated situation in Beirut.