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Clashes erupt between Iranian army, IRGC in quake-stricken village

Devastation in wake of earthqauke

Sarbel-Dahab village in Kermanshah province in western Iran, which was the hardest hit by the earthquake that struck Iraq-Iran border region Sunday, has seen clashes between the 35th Brigade of the Iranian army and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), sources revealed Thursday. 

The sources said a number of soldiers affiliated with Basij militia and IRGC entered one of the districts controlled by the 35th Brigade of the Iranian army, carrying cameras and accompanied by journalists and media professionals. 

The soldiers have been taking photos of IRGC soldiers while helping residents of Sarbel-Dahab village and providing them with food and water to use these photos for propaganda, they noted.  

When two soldiers of the 35th Brigade saw this move, they rejected it and told IRGC’s soldiers this is not the right time for propaganda, the sources further stated.

They added that clashes erupted between the two parties for a while instead of providing help to people who were affected by the earthquake.  

Earlier, it has been reported that residents of districts in western Iran spent days without shelters amid freezing temperatures in wake of the earthquake.

Residents have not received any assistance from the Iranian government, according to media reports. 

Residents said only NGOs provided them with humanitarian assistance.

 On Tuesday, Iranian officials raised the death toll from Sunday’s earthquake of 7.3 magnitude on its border with Iraq to at least 530, making it the deadliest in the world this year.

Last Modified: Thursday، 16 November 2017 11:36 AM