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Russian ministry of defense trolls US with video game footage

Russian ministry of defense trolls US with video game footage

Russian trolls have stirred a major controversy after a US congressional investigation revealed the magnitude their fake social media accounts managed to fool the world, Mashable reported on Tuesday. 

This comes as the official account of the Russian ministry of defense tweeted a fake picture of a military operation. 

On Tuesday, The Russian Ministry of Defense tweeted in Russian, English and Arabic a series of drone combat pictures to accuse the US of cooperation with ISIS in Syria. 

"The Ministry of Defense shows irrefutable evidence that US are actually covering ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote American interests in Middle East," it said in the tweet. 


The controversy began when it was revealed that one of the still pictures is from videogame AC-130 Gunship Simulator. 

This is from YouTube's development preview of the game, from 2015: 


This is the image used by Russia, specific with location and date. The description reads: "The ISIS convoy, coming out of Abu-Kamal near the Syria-Iraq border. (Photo created November 9, 2017)"


The picture went viral on social media Nov. 5 after it was tweeted by @AnuSharmaUdh and debunked by Christiaan Triebert at Bellingcat:


Today, in video games presented as real combat footage: "AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron" (for mobile, ffs). HT @ArtWendeley.

Another drone image tweeted by @mod_russia allegedly shows Isis automobile convoy leaving Abu Kamal for the Syrian-Iraqi border on November 9, 2017:


But as the Conflict Intelligence Team notes on Twitter, the screenshot is actually from a June 2016 Russia Today video from Iraq's ministry of defense showing the Iraqi Air Force bombing ISIS near Fallujah:


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