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Cutting Kurdistan’s share in 2018 budget ‘political pressure’ – MP

Kurdistan's share in state budget has been cut

Cutting Kurdistan Region’s share in the 2018 state budget from 17% to 12% is a political pressure, an unjustified decision and it comes at the expense of the region’s people, MP Zafer al-Aani revealed Monday. 
In press statements, al-Aani said that maintaining Kurdistan Region’s 17% share in the budget would put an end to Kurds’ crisis. 
He also urged the federal government to carefully consider this decision. 
The government has to provide logical reasons for downsizing the region’s share from 17% to 12%, he added.
On Sunday, MP Kamil al-Zeidi said the parliament would keep Kurdistan's state budget allocations at 12%.
In a press statement, Zeidi said that the region's share of the state budget may even be decreased if the population statistics were less than before, noting that there is no coming back to the previous 17% share.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged on Saturday to revise 2018 state budget allocations for Kurdistan Region.
Abadi asserted that he will adjust the allocations to be satisfying to all Iraqi sides.


Last Modified: Monday، 13 November 2017 05:11 PM