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Political parties approve armed militias' crimes in Baghdad - Official

Several political parties protect armed militias in Baghdad- MP

Armed militias have taken over the real estates by force from innocent civilians in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, Saad al-Matlabi, member of the security committee for the Baghdad provincial council, said on Friday.

He added that the provincial council has delegated Baghdad governor Atwan al-Atwani to take all measures against those militias and help the innocent civilians to recapture their homes.

Matlabi confirmed that the solution for this problem is political, not security as several political parties protect those militias. 


The senior officials in the government should reach a political agreement to end the armed militias' presence in Baghdad, he further said. 

Baghdad is witnessing a state of insecurity and chaos as terror attacks target civilians. Terrorist groups like ISIS and others are targeting the city by booby-trapped cars, suicide bombs and other terrorist means in which the residents are feeling insecure and furious. 

Last Modified: Friday، 10 November 2017 04:52 PM