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NATO supports 'constructed' dialogue to end Erbil-Baghdad crisis

NATO supports 'constructed' dialogue to end Erbil-Baghdad crisis
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg supported dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to avoid any use of violence that would only undermine the fight against terrorism, NATO website reported. 

In a press conference, Stoltenberg confirmed, during his meeting with Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy for US-led coalition anti-ISIS, "NATO can provide support in the best possible way to the counter-ISIL (ISIS)coalition."

He said, "NATO is a full member and we provide support with training of Iraqi forces and we also provide support with our AWACS surveillance planes. And of course NATO allies, which are all part of the coalition and provide the bulk of the military capabilities of the coalition."

McGurk and Stoltenberg praised the progress which has been made in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, confirming that most of the territory controlled by ISIS is now liberated and they have lost all the big cities and the caliphate doesn’t exist in any way.

Stoltenberg confirmed, "we are concerned or we are aware that this doesn’t end the fight against ISIL (ISIS) because this is a global threat, it's a threat not only in Iraq and Syria but we see it in also many other countries and we see it in our own streets."

"ISIL (ISIS) is organizing or inspiring terrorist attacks in our own streets. So we need to continue the fight against ISIL (ISIS) and the brutal reality is that since they have lost control of territory in Iraq and Syria they may be now even more focused on how to organize terrorist attacks against NATO allies and partner countries."

Concerning Baghdad-Erbil crisis, he said, "we would very much like to see a constructed dialogue between the Peshmerga (Kurds forces) and the government in Baghdad because we believe that any use of violence would only undermine the fight against terrorism."

This comes as the crisis in Kirkuk has escalated. Peshmerga forces have been fending off attacks launched by the Iraqi forces, backed by IMIS, since Sunday night. 

Tensions between the two sides over the future of Kurdistan have been high since the Kurds voted for independence in a September referendum. 

The oil-rich Kirkuk Governorate has emerged as a flashpoint in the crisis as it is claimed by both sides.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 08 November 2017 01:51 PM