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Decision to waive immunity of Kurdish MPs to include 20 members

A file photo of the Iraqi parliament

The decision to waive the immunity of Kurdish MPs, who have taken part in Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum, will include 20 members, Alia Nassif, a member of a parliamentary committee responsible for following up parliament’s decisions concerning the region’s referendum, revealed Monday. 

In a press statement, Nassif said that the secondary parliamentary committee’s report on Kurdish MPs, who had violated the constitution and the Penal Code (Law No. 111) of 1969, was approved. 

We are waiting for a parliamentary decision to be issued to refer those MPs to the Federal Court in accordance with Article 52 of the constitution, she noted.

She also said that this decision is subject to appeal and will be adjudicated by the Federal Court, which will decide whether to allow Kurdish MPs to return to the parliament or not.   

She pointed out that the number of MPs, who have violated the constitution, reached 20 after some of them have worn military uniform and supported Peshmerga to fend off the Iraqi Army offensive on Kirkuk.

This move is contrary to their parliamentary and constitutional role under the Iraqi laws, Nassif further stated. 

Nassif accused the presidium of the parliament of pressing for not putting the decision to waive the immunity of Kurdish MPs to vote for the sensitivity of the subject or for its strong relation with some Kurdish leaders.  

I will call for putting this decision to vote again next week, she added.  

Earlier, the parliamentary legal committee has mandated a secondary committee, composed of some of its members, to follow up the measures that have been taken against MPs, who participated in Kurdistan vote on September 25.  

Last Modified: Monday، 06 November 2017 01:05 PM