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War looms again as Abadi escalates rhetoric against Kurds


Abadi is still worried about the situation in Kurdistan, commentators told The Baghdad Post, adding that his recent remarks bring the issue of war between Baghdad and Erbil to the fore again.

Abadi is seeking to reignite tensions. He is insisting on escalating tensions with Kurdistan. And his rhetoric on Kurdistan and the Kurds in general has nothing to do with the lingo of diplomats, other observers stated.

These reactions come as Abadi accused Kurds and Peshmerga of derailing an agreement with Baghdad, whereby the federal Iraqi forces will be posted to the disputed areas.

The Iraqi forces and Peshmerga struck a deal for the federal forces to be deployed to some areas in northern Iraq, especially at the strategic border crossing of Faysh Khabur.


The two sides started negotiations following an armistice announced by Baghdad in the aftermath of weeks-long fierce clashes with the Kurdish forces in which heavy weapons were used.

The Iraqi forces took control of some areas which have been held by the Kurdish forces since 2014.

In a meeting with reporters in Baghdad, Abadi upped his rhetoric against the Kurds, saying:"We sense that (they) are walking away from the agreement."

He added:"We gave directions that if they renege on their obligations, we will press on with our plans. And if our forces came under fire from the Kurdish side, will show them the power of law. On-one in Iraq can consider himself above the law."

There are forces posted in the areas subject of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil. These forces are waiting orders, either to pull back, or to resume fighting.

Banging drums of war

Hamin Hawrami, adviser to the resigned President of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, accused Baghdad of seeking to escalate tensions with Baghdad.

He wrote in a twitter post:"The Iraqi government does not respect dialogue. They are banging the drums of war against Kurdistan.

This comes on the heels of the measures taken by the federal government in Baghdad on the heels of the region's independence referendum held on September 25th, including shutting the airspace.

Lawmaker affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Ashwaq al-Gaf called on the international community to sponsor dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil as fast as possible in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.

In a statement, al-Gaf called on Abadi to translate his comments regarding protecting the interests of the Kurdish citizens into actions on the ground."We are keen to spare the blood of innocent Iraqis."

International parties' sponsoring of the Iraqi-Kurdish dialogue will guarantee no party will renege on its obligations, the lawmaker stated.

She also called for avoiding the inflammatory rhetoric and hinting at the use of force as it will block any chances for dialogue.

But commentators affirmed Abadi is seeking to escalate tensions with the Kurdish region. He uses tough rhetoric to make things slide overnight into a military confrontation.

Iran is standing behind this blatant incitement to invade the region, they added."It is in Iran's interest to see the Kurdish region being suffocated. Mullahs want to punish the region for its bid for independence."

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