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Nineveh council reveals corruption complaints about governor

Nineveh council reveals corruption complaints about governor
Nineveh provincial council on Thursday announced that it received complaints from international organizations against Nineveh governor Noufal al-Aakoub accusing him of corruption.

"Questioning legality of the dismissal of the governor Noufal al-Aakoub is lying and deception. we have sent official notification to the governor about the change of the meeting place to the area of al-Koush and he was informed many times and even via the media", Nineveh Governorate Council Member Hossam al-Abbar said.

The dismissal of the governor Noufal al-Aakoub is totally legal and meets all the conditions, he added, noting that his dismissal was a public demand.

There are many corruption files condemning him some of which is related to the establishment of projects in the province, he added, noting that all files have been referred to the judiciary. 

Nineveh Governorate Council voted to discharge Nineveh governor Noufal al-Kaoub after storming it's building with his armed bodyguards, THe Baghdad Post quoted the Member of Nineveh Governorate Council's Ali Khudair as saying on Wednesday.

In a press statement, Khudair said that the governor, four of his bloc member and his bodyguards stormed the governorate council building in Mosul.

He added that the governor was scheduled to be grilled at another building in al-Koush district for security reasons.

Khudair asserted that Ka'oub demanded to hold his grilling sessions at the governorate council building in Mosul with attendance of militants from the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS).

He added that Ka'oub intended to pressure the council by force to avoid being discharged.

An Iraqi court has issued an arrest warrant against Hassan Shabab al-Sabaawi, the member of Nineveh provincial council, on the charge of committing terrorism offenses, a document obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed Thursday.

The warrant has been issued according to terrorism Act (no.4).

The document has shown that the Iraqi intelligence directorate has sent a copy of the warrant to Nineveh governor Noufal al-Ka'oub. 

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