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Details of Iraq-Kurdistan talks in Nineveh


Iraqi chief of staff General Othman al-Ghanimi said a noticeable advance had been acheived in talks with Kurdish fighters after days of clashes between both sides in Kirkuk and other areas.


The talks held in central Nineveh came a day after PM Haider Abadi had ordered a 24-hour truce.

However, Ghanimi said there were still “sticking points” that need to be resolved.

“We have reached an agreement on some points,” he said, adding that the Iraqi side is still waiting to hear from the Kurds on a number of other issues.


According to the talks, all border crossings will be delivered to the Baghdad central governemnt.

The Kurdish delegation said it will return to Kurdistan for consultation and give us their answer regarding demands to withdraw Peshmerga forces from disputed areas.

“We will remain in touch by phone,”  Ghanimi said, adding Erbil will be given four hours to decide on those sticking issues.


Following the Sept. 25th independence referendum, Iraqi forces supported by Iran-allied IMIS Militias launched an attack against Peshm,erga forces in Kirkuk.


The referendum gave a comfortable YES for an independent Kurdistan. Oil rich Kirkuk was included in the referendum.