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Iran hits back at US over regime change remarks


Iran's government has lashed out at what it described as "impudent, deceptive and interventionist" remarks of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after he asserted the need for the Iranian people to take back control of their government, Press TV reported.

"The totalitarian and arrogant leaders of the United States must know that their attempt to create divisions between the people and the political and military authorities in our country is a desperate and fruitless attempt," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi claimed Thursday.

The comments came in response to Tillerson's Wednesday remarks in New Delhi that Washington's "fight is not with the Iranian people," but with what he described as "the revolutionary regime."

"We know there are strong feelings and values inside of Iran that we want to promote in terms of one day the Iranian people being able to retake control of their government," the top US diplomat said.

Qassemi claimed Tillerson's remarks "once again depicted the true face of the United States for the Iranian people."

Iranians got furious this month after US President Donald Trump called the country a "terrorist nation" and used "Arabian Gulf' instead of the term used by the Iranian regime to describe this area, which it claims to be 'Persian Gulf'.