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Canada is ready to help enter Baghdad-Erbil in dialogue

Canada is ready to help enter Baghdad-Erbil in dialogue

Canada has expressed its willingness to help the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to engage in dialogue, urging all parties to calm tensions in Kirkuk, Sky Press reported Saturday. 

"Canada expresses its country's support for the efforts of the United Nations to facilitate dialogue," Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland said in a statement.

"Canada remains concerned about the tensions near the city of Kirkuk and as an ally of the Government of Iraq and a partner of the Kurdistan Regional Government, it calls on all parties to work actively to reduce tensions."


"Through the Middle East strategy, Canada supports multiple projects in Iraq to promote reconciliation, strengthen inclusive governance structures and improve social cohesion in conflict-affected communities." Promoting and protecting peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity and all human rights is an integral part of Canada's constructive engagement in Iraq, "she said.

"Iraqis of all backgrounds have been able to work together to defend their country and face the enormous challenge of uprooting this cooperation in the face of adversity must continue until Iraq enjoys stability and its people enjoy a prosperous future," Freeland said.

Last Modified: Saturday، 21 October 2017 01:44 PM