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Peshmerga forces burn 7 IMIS vehicles, kill terrorists boarding them

A Peshmerga soldier

Peshmerga forces have fended off an offensive launched by Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) in Alton Kupri town in northern Kirkuk, a security source told The Baghdad Post on Friday.


The source said the Kurdish forces burnt seven IMIS vehicles, killing the terrorists boarding them. 


This comes after clashes with heavy weapons have erupted between Peshmerga forces and IMIS in northwestern Kirkuk. 


Earlier on Friday, it was reported that 12 Iran-allied IMIS terrorists were killed in clashes with Kurdish Peshemrga forces in the town.


Alton Kupri is the last area in Kirkuk Governorate still held by Kurdish Peshmerga forces. 

However, the Iraqi army's media department, the War Media Cell, said it had taken control of Alton Kupri, though this has not been confirmed.


The town lies on the northern edge of Kirkuk Governorate, about (50 km) south of the Kurdish capital, Erbil.


The latest action comes a day after an Iraqi court ordered issued an arrest warrant to Kurdistan's vice-president for calling troops sent to Kirkuk this week "occupying forces".

Last Modified: Friday، 20 October 2017 03:06 PM