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US envoy to Iraq praises calls for dialogue between Erbil, Baghdad

US envoy to Iraq welcomes Erbil-Baghdad talks

The US envoy to Iraq Brett Mcgurk praised the calls for holding talks between Erbil and Baghdad on his Twitter account Friday.


Welcome joint calls from #Baghdad and #Erbil to enter negotiations and resolve all pending issues on the basis of the Iraqi constitution.


He added that the US welcomed the talks to resolve all the pending issues on the basis of the Iraqi constitution. 


This comes as the crisis in Kirkuk has escalated. Peshmerga forces have been fending off attacks launched by the Iraqi forces, backed by the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria, since Sunday night. 

Tensions between the two sides over the future of Kurdistan have been high since the Kurds voted for independence in a September referendum. 

The oil-rich Kirkuk Governorate has emerged as a flashpoint in the crisis as it is claimed by both sides.



Last Modified: Friday، 20 October 2017 01:59 PM