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Why Sunnis should support Kurds?

We – as Sunnis – supported Kurds, because we have never lived safely and peacefully with Shiite rulers, even in our darkest hours they did not spare us.

Shiite rulers demanded that we need permission to enter Baghdad when we were dislodged and displaced by ISIS terrorists.

In checkpoints, Shiite militias raped our women, beaten husbands in front of their wives and humiliated us everywhere, along with pillaging and destroying Sunni territories after ousting ISIS from them, so no Sunni can return back to his home.


Every time Shiite rulers wanted to get rid of a Sunni, they fabricate charges against them saying they are affiliated with ISIS, al-Qaeda or Baathist party and many other charges against them for just being Sunnis.

Iranians can enter Iraq without a permission, while Iraqi Sunnis are required to have a permission to travel inside their own country, Iranians are treated as kings, while Sunnis are oppressed.

This is the reality, we won't lie to ourselves!


Jobs are not given to Sunnis, only to Shiites or their militias, even Sunni leaders can't carry out any procedures without the help of important Shiite figures.


Sunnis with names such as Omar, Bakr, Othman, Sufian or Marawan, etc, live in constant fear for their lives, as Shiite extremists will definitely kill them on sight.

Kurds have never treated Sunnis like that, they haven't apprehended any of our youths or complicated our daily lives in markets or in the streets and that made Kurdistan our alternative home.

Meanwhile, Kurds shared their homes and food with us and supported our opposition leaders, intellectuals, professors, doctors and Sunni experts who fled Baghdad's sectarianism and ISIS terrorism.

Despite the fact that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussei – a Sunni – who fought Kurds for a decade, they did not punish Sunnis for his mistakes and we will never forget those who stood by us in our darkest times and provided shelters for us and said we can live on their land.

Anyone who betrays those who helped him for his own interest and gains, surely has a history of previous betrayals, Kurds – especially Kurdistan's President Masoud Barzani's men – could have refused to help Sunnis, but they never betrayed anyone who sought their help.

We exclude Talabanis as they were exposed today as the masters of betrayal and treason, after they submitted to the Iranian Mullah's regime.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 17 October 2017 11:06 PM