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Video: Shiite citizen bashes government, laments Saddam era

Shiite citizen bashing federal government

A Shiite citizen from Baghdad has bashed the federal government in Baghdad and political and Shiite parties due to the deteriorating situation in Iraq, particularly the unavailability of medication for cancer patients, a video, obtained by The Baghdad Post, revealed Tuesday.  

We call on the US to find a solution to this strategy and overthrow the government that does not care about citizens’ interest, he said.



He also noted that even parties only care about organizing Shiite parades inwhose  members flagellate themselves instead of allocating money for the treatment of the sick.   

Former president Saddam Hussein, May he rests in peace, is more honorable than you. We are bored. Those politicians have exacerbated our fatigue, he said with a sense of nostalgia for the good old days under the late president.   

Last Modified: Tuesday، 17 October 2017 02:07 PM