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Abadi presents 6-point proposal to Kurdistan for holding talks onKirkuk

Abadi presents 6 terms to Kurdistan for holding talks about Kirkuk
Iraqi prime minister Haider Al-Abadi has presented a six-point proposal to the Kurdistan government for holding talks about the disputed area Kirkuk governorate, an informed source said in a statement Saturday.

He added that these terms included handing over Sulaimaniyah International Airport and Kiwan Camp.

Abadi also requested the handover of all the oilfields in Kirkuk governorate, dismissal of Kirkuk governor Najmiddin Karim, and turning in all the ISIS terrorists held by Peshmerga forces, as well as all the Erbil-Baghdad disputed areas to the central government in Baghdad.

the crisis between Erbil and Baghdad has been escalated after Kurdistan has conducted the Region's independence referendum on Sep.25 with an overwhelming vote for independence. 

Last Modified: Saturday، 14 October 2017 01:02 PM