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Rouhani claims Trump's speech on Iran deal 'pile of falsifications


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has claimed US President Donald Trump’s speech against Tehran was nothing more than insults and delirious talk, according to Press TV.

“Mr. Trump’s remarks on Iran…contained nothing but expletives and a pile of delusional allegations against the Iranian nation,” Rouhani said in a televised speech on Friday moments after Trumped delivered a speech outlining US strategy on the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian president further rejected Trump's demand that the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany be revised, saying the agreement would remain intact and no article or paragraph would be added or taken away from it.

President Donald Trump has delivered a landmark speech on Friday, outlining a new strategy on the nuclear deal.  

Trump warned that the US could “terminate the deal” if it is unable to bring about better terms and better enforcement of the current accord.

Trump also said that following a review by his administration he planned to take “major steps” to ensure “Iran never — and I mean never — acquires a nuclear weapon.”