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US Sen. urges Trump to stop bullying against Kurds

Senator Trent Franks

A Republican Senator has urges the Trump Administration to support Kurdistan Region against bullying threats from neighboring countries.


In a statement released Wednesday, Senator Trent Franks called for stopping economic sanctions and military threats coming from Iran and the Baghdad central government over the Kurdistan Region's Sept. 25th independence referendum.


Press reports confirmed that Iran-allied Baghdad federal government and Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) were planning for an imminent attack on Kirkuk  and other Kurdish areas.


In his press release, Franks urged the international community not “to turn a blind eye to the noble Kurdish people as they are beset with blockades, embargos, and possible military interventions.”

“We in the United States must lead the free world and defend legitimate nations beset by existential threats to their self-determination,” the statement read.

The Republican congressman stressed he would do everything possible to prevent those threats from going unanswered.