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Iran-allied Khazali threatens to invade Kirkuk, disputed areas

Qais Khazali

Commander of Asaib Ahl al-Haq  Shiite militia Qais al-Khazali threatens his terrorists will invade Kirkuk province, the Baghdad Post reported Sunday.


continued his threats against Kurdistan, where he confirmed that his sectarian militias would enter Kirkuk soon.

Addressing a tribal gathering in Najaf Province, Iran-allied terrorist said, "Out of strength and patriotism, we reiterate that Kirkuk is an Iraqi city and we are ready to fight for it".


Kirkuk has been included in the Kurdistan Region referendum on September 25th.


Arab tribes in Kirkuk have repeatedly confirmed they want to be part of Kurdistan.


"No one will thwart IMIS Militias from recapturing Kirkuk and all disputed areas," Khazali said. 


"The Iraqi government has the right to deploy its forces in the disputed areas according to the constitution, and any force that stands in the face of Iraqi forces will be beaten," the terrroist added. 


Khazali, a servant of Iranian schemes in the region, is well-known for his crimes against Sunnis in Iraq.