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Qatar, Mullah scheme to delay upcoming Gulf Summit, destroy GCC

Qatar, Mullah scheme to delay upcoming Gulf Summit, destroy GCC

As the Gulf crisis over Qatar's funding of terrorism and it's relations with Iranian Mullah regime intensifies, observers expressed concerns that the upcoming Gulf Summit may be delayed.

They also said that the ramification of delaying this summit could be massive, as it may lead to dismantling of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

This comes as experts asserted that it's very unlikely that Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain leaders will convene under the same roof with Qatar's Emir Tamim Bin Hamd.


Kuwait will also be on a tough spot, as it leads the mediation efforts between Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

Gulf Summit may be delayed

These doubts were even intensified as Kuwait's Foreign Affairs Minister Deputy Khaled al-Jarallah told reporters earlier that he wishes that the Gulf Summit will be held as scheduled, which led many to speculate that there are doubts that the summit will be held in its date.

What even deepened these concerns when Jarallah said that Kuwait is ready to host the next Gulf Summit in December, but he then asserted that there are no current affirmations from the Gulf Council members to even hold the Summit at all.

He also asserted that Kuwait will continue its mediation efforts to solve this crisis until it ends.

Analysts said that the sides of this crisis can't convene under the same roof, especially as Doha's administration did not make any substantial changes in its policies in funding terrorism, closing its propaganda channel Al Jazeera or even cut its relations with the Gulf's arch-foe Iran.


They also asserted that the Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will not go ahead with the Gulf Summit unless Qatar meet the GCC demands.

A diplomat from the Gulf States – who spoke anonymously for security reasons – said that Gulf States' administrations fear that Qatar's current existence in the Gulf Cooperation Council is simply an Iranian "Trojan Horse" to infiltrate the GCC and topple it.

This was apparent as Qatar received the Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Javad Zarif earlier. According to experts this move further complicated the crisis.


Experts told The Baghdad Post the these movements by Qatar and Mullah's regime come as a counter measure against the US President Donald Trump's agreement with the Saudi-led Arab and Muslim States to form and Islamic NATO, to counter Iran's threats and terror.


It remains as Qatar refuses to comply with its neighbors demands that will guarantee their safety, security and stability that the next Gulf Summit will be delayed until a further notice.

Last Modified: Friday، 06 October 2017 04:35 PM