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Pictured: ISIS uncover its suicide vest factory in Iraq

ISIS uncover Its suicide vest factory in Iraq

Chilling images have emerged showing an ISIS suicide vest factory where terrorists manufacture deadly devices filled with ball bearings in Iraq, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

The photos show masked bomb-makers wearing latex gloves preparing explosives packed with ball bearings at a weapons facility near the capital Baghdad. 

A terrorist can be seen packing the device into a camouflage pouch and another picture shows a room with several completed suicide vests on the ground.

Another terrorist is shown fitted with the deadly cargo and with what appears to be two triggers on the vest.

ISIS is continuing to lose swathes of its territory across Iraq and the US led-coalition  recently said the terror group is on the run across the Middle East.

In recent months they have frequently used suicide bombers and deadly booby-traps in a desperate bid to slow the advance of Iraqi troops. 

"ISIS is losing on all fronts, and they are losing their grip on their few remaining strongholds in both Iraq and Syria," Army Col. Ryan Dillon.

The coalition and its partners on the ground - the Iraqi security forces (ISF) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) - remain committed to defeating the enemy, he said.

'But make no mistake,' he added, 'we fully expect fierce fighting in the days ahead.

'And while these terrorists remain a dangerous and desperate enemy, our ISF and SDF partners have proven they are up to the task.'

Iraqi forces have made significant progress in the fight, Dillon said.

'Our Iraqi partners have fought a long, bloody war and have sacrificed a great deal to liberate their people and clear terrorists from cities and villages,' he told reporters.

More than 26,000 square miles in Iraq have been cleared and more than four million people are now free from ISIS control, the colonel said.

'ISIS is on the run, and we must remain focused on delivering a decisive defeat in their few remaining holdouts in Iraq,' he added. 

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