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Return to dialogue ‘only solution to Erbil-Baghdad crisis’ – Jabouri

Salim al-Jabouri

The return to dialogue and finding a way out of Erbil-Baghdad crisis, which is compatible with the constitution and the interests of Iraqi people, is the only solution to end this crisis, Iraqi Parliament’s Speaker Salim al-Jabouri revealed on Tuesday.    
During a meeting with US ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman, al-Jabouri stressed on Tuesday the importance of finding rapid solutions to Iraq’s outstanding issues. 
In a statement, Jabouri’s media office said that during the meeting both officials discussed key political and security developments in Iraq, including the implications of Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum and parliament’s role in defusing the crisis in accordance with the constitution and Iraq’s fundamental national principles.
The two officials also addresses issues, including counter terrorism, war on ISIS, Iraqi security forces victories, reconstruction of liberated areas and return of displaced persons, it added.
Overwhelming, votes were in favor of seceding from Iraq in a referendum Baghdad considers unconstitutional. 
The referendum was held last week despite intense international pressure to call it off, amid fears that it would spark fresh conflicts with Baghdad and with Iraq’s powerful neighbors, Iran and Turkey.



Last Modified: Tuesday، 03 October 2017 12:30 PM