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Dialogue to yield fruitful results between Erbil, Baghdad - MP

Kurdish girls raising Kurdistan flag

Rezan Sheikh Dler, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) MP, echoed on Monday the statements of Shiite religious authorities calling for dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad under one condition: security and peace of Iraq and its people. 
Sheikh Dler said that currently there are two voices dominating the political scene. 
The first one calls for declaring war, using provocative remarks and inflammatory speeches that aim only at igniting conflicts, she noted.  
The second is the wise voice of Shiite religious authorities in Najaf, which called for upholding the principle of dialogue to yield fruitful results between Erbil and Baghdad that aim at avoiding bloodshed, she further stated.  
Sheikh Dler said that interacting with religious authorities can help all parties return to national dialogue away from regional conflicts and international interests.
We are the ones who will be affected by the results on the ground, she added.
Overwhelming votes were in favor of seceding from Iraq in a referendum Baghdad considers unconstitutional. 
The referendum was held last week despite intense international pressure to call it off, amid fears that it would spark fresh conflicts with Baghdad and with Iraq’s powerful neighbors, Iran and Turkey.

Last Modified: Monday، 02 October 2017 12:04 PM