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Signatures' number demanding vote of no-confidence in Masum rises - MP

Fuad Masum

Number of MPs’ signatures demanding a vote of no-confidence in Iraq’s President Fuad Masum has risen to 65, Abdul Karim Abtan, Iraqi Forces Coalition MP, revealed Friday. 

In a press statement, Abtan said that the signatures were submitted to the federal government and its response is being awaited so that the parliament can initiate no confidence proceedings during its forthcoming sessions. 

He also noted that MPs launched a campaign to collect signatures for a vote of no-confidence in the president.

The required number was only 50, but the collected signatures have far surpassed this number, he added. 

On Sunday, Iraqi National Alliance (INA) asserted that the parliament will grill the president over his support for Kurdistan independence.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the parliament would depose Masum if Kurdistan Region insisted on holding its independence referendum. 

Overwhelming votes were in favor of seceding from Iraq in a referendum Baghdad considers unconstitutional. 

Last Modified: Friday، 29 September 2017 03:36 PM