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Secret behind actress not playing Raghad Hussien in movie revealed

Raghad Saddam Hussein

Iraqi singer and actress Claudia Hanna has recently announced she rejected to play the role of Raghad, eldest daughter of late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, raising many questions. 
Earlier, it was reported that Hanna was ready to play the part in a movie. 
According to news circulated on social media websites, Hanna has come under pressure after receiving threats forcing her to withdraw from the movie about the life of the late Iraqi president and his daughters.
However, Hanna issued a press statement saying that “accepting a role in a movie or rejecting it is only up to the actor himself.”
I rejected the part while the scenario was written. I even did not sign any contracts to be rescinded, she noted. 
I rejected it out of respect for all sects in Iraq, she added.   
Moreover, the Iraqi actress said that she received a call from Raghad Saddam Hussein, adding that she was so “nice” and wanted to inquire about the fuss about her role in the movie.
The film depicts the changes in Raghad’s life and her family’s escape from Iraq.  

Last Modified: Friday، 29 September 2017 12:37 PM