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Iran-backed IMIS continues rights abuses in Hawija

IMIS terrorists

Iran-backed IMIS militias have detained, tortured and killed Iraqi nationals in Hawija in northern Iraq, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Thursday.


IMIS' rights abuses occurred during the Hawija operations to oust ISIS from the district. The operation started September 21. 

The detainees, villagers based near Hawija, were arrested by IMIS-affiliated Badr Organization. 

The villagers told HRW they had seen IMIS terrorists using their gun butts to beat the detained men. During their detention the fighters brought them food only once and only a small amount of water but did not let them use a bathroom.


Women were also detained briefly by Iraqi security forces and were questioned about their male relatives’ activities before being transported to the refugee camp, HRW said.


IMIS has a dirty history of torturing civilians particularly Sunnis. In the battle for Mosul, the Shiite militias tortured and killed thousands, according to Amnesty International.