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Kurdish MPs to continue boycotting parliament sessions - Lawmaker

The Iraqi Parliament

Kurdish MPs have decided to continue boycotting the Iraqi Parliament sessions, Najiba Najib, a Kurdistan Alliance MP, revealed on Wednesday. 
In a press statement, Najib said that Kurdish MPs reject the decisions taken by the parliament on Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum.
Kursih MPs did not attend parliament’s Wednesday session as its previous decisions were taken by the majority of MPs, she noted.
She further stated that Kurdish MPs presence in parliament is useless as they do not take part in decision-making and voting.   
Parliament’s previously taken decisions on the referendum are categorically rejected by Kurds, she said.
She also pointed out that these decisions are illogical. 
The parliament should be part of the solution not part of the problem, Najib added. 
On Monday’s session, the parliament decided to oblige the armed forces commander-in-chief to redeploy military federal forces in all disputed areas, including Kirkuk.  
It also called for implementing the decision of dismissing Kirkuk governor Najm al-Din Karim. 
In addition to this, the parliament formed a committee, composed of security, defense, legal, oil and foreign affairs committees’ representatives, to take a decision on region’s independence referendum. 
On Wednesday, it was reported that the parliament votes on final version of resolution on Kurdistan referendum in a session attended by 184 MPs. 
On Monday, Kurdistan held an independence referendum, defying Baghdad and ignoring intense international pressure to call it off. 


Last Modified: Wednesday، 27 September 2017 03:49 PM