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Underwater mines planted by Houthis off Yemeni coast dismantled

Underwater bombs discovered off the Yemeni coast

Yemeni naval forces have dismantled a network of naval mines that are dozens of miles away from the coastal district of Midi in Hajjah Governorate, Al-Arabiya reported Monday.

A military source said a Yemeni military naval force located a network of naval mines planted by Houthi terrorists dozens of miles away towards the island of Ghurab and took some mines to the coast to blow them up.


He added that the Yemeni naval force is currently dealing with the other mines.

Earlier this month, maritime forces thwarted Houthis’ attempt to plant naval mines on the Red Sea coasts and blew up their boat, killing five Houthi mines’ experts.



Last Modified: Monday، 18 September 2017 01:05 PM