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Iran's new defense minister; puppet in Soleimani's hands

Iran's New Defence Minister Amir Hatami

The Iranian army was once considered as a conventional army until militias of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) came to power seizing the lion's share of the country's resources.

The most important division of these militias is al-Quds Force led by Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

For decades, Iranian defence minister was chosen from IRGC. However, for the first time, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani decided to break the rule, nominating a defence minister who is not closely affiliated with IRGC.

On Sunday, the Iranian parliament overwhelmingly endorsed Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami, President Hassan Rouhani's nominee for defence minister.

Hatami is a senior officer in the country's regular armed forces, known as the Artesh.

Despite being a veteran of the Artesh rather than the Guards, Hatami likely has neither has the institutional power – nor willingness – to take the country in a different direction.

Faced with these marvels in the structure of Iran's military institutions, Hatami has resorted to a series of hot statements to appear as a strong leader.

He pledged to develop the Iranian missile capabilities in the next stage, stressing that he will focus on the development of ballistic missiles in particular. 

In a speech before the members of the Iranian parliament to gain confidence, he said that he will work on developing Tehran's missile capabilities in the next stage praising the steps taken by Iranian Parliament to impede US efforts in the region.

Hatami also added that he would continue Iranian support for what he called the "axis of resistance" a term that Iran uses to describe its allies of sectarian militias in the region, especially Quds Force.

Experts told The Baghdad Post that Hatami's hot remarks are closer to be ridiculous than to be taken seriously. He proved that he just a puppet in Soleimani's hands.

Last Modified: Thursday، 14 September 2017 07:45 PM