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Muslim Brotherhood ‘most dangerous threat to Riyadh’ - commentator

Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to Saudi Arabia

The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group is the most dangerous threat to Saudi Arabia, Salman al-Ansari, Saudi writer and political commentator, revealed Monday. 

In an article published in CNN Arabic, al-Ansari said that those who think that the Muslim Brotherhood group will return again to the circle of political trust in Saudi Arabia are mistaken.  

This is the kingdom’s stance even if it uses the policy of containment in dealing with foreign and regional issues, he noted.  

He also pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s heart is big but its mercy does not mean forgetting those who were behind existential threats to the kingdom under no circumstances, adding that he bets on this.   

In Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood is classified as a terrorist party despite calls to ease security restrictions on their religious-political ideology, he further stated. 

In his article, Ansari also said that when he says that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous threat to Riyadh, he is not exaggerating. 

The group has a flexible jurisprudence that takes shape according to the stage’s requirements, he noted.

He also pointed out that the group has a political vision and power ambitions unlike moderate Salafists.   

According to him, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates are trying to score political gains by using religion and hiding their secret agendas behind the mask of preaching.  

The group’s affiliates are currently living their worst partisan phases after their masks have fallen before the masses during the Arab Spring or I prefer to call it the Arab Inferno, he concluded.  

Last Modified: Monday، 11 September 2017 02:18 PM