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Demands for suspending pro-Kurdistan referendum MPs,ministers salaries

Kurdistan's referendum to be held Sep 25

Pro-Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum MPs and ministers' salaries have to be suspended, Abdul Hadi Mohan, a State of Law coalition MP revealed Sunday. 

Mohan said that Kurdistan Region’s President Masoud Barzani wants to use this referendum as an electoral propaganda for himself and his political party because he and his government have lost their legitimacy.   

The Iraqi constitution is clear about the issue of holding referendums, he noted, adding that its articles do not give regions the right to conduct a referendum on their secession from Iraq. 

Mohan also said that it is unlikely that Baghdad sends a government delegation to Kurdistan due to the absence of a legitimate representative of the region.

The central government has to take all the necessary action against Kurdistan Region for breaching the constitution and law, he added. 

Earlier on Sunday, Adel Barwari, a leader in Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), said that there is a possibility Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum would be postponed in response to domestic and foreign pressures.

Kurdistan Regional Government announced on June 7 that it would vote on September 25 on secession from Iraq.

Last Modified: Sunday، 10 September 2017 04:01 PM