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Inter'l community ‘doesn't object to Kurdistan referendum’ – Barzani

Masoud Barzani

The international community does not object to holding Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum, but it believes that time is not suitable for conducting it, Kurdistan’s President Masoud Barzani revealed Friday.

Press reports quoted Barzani as saying that following the failure in forming a partnership with Baghdad, we took the decision of holding a referendum on independence.

He noted if the partnership with Baghdad has proved a success, the decision to conduct the referendum would not have been taken.  

Under the constitution, Peshmerga forces shall be a part of the Iraqi defense system, but this did not materialize, Barzani further stated. 

He added that the purpose of the referendum is to build up a new and good relationship with Baghdad. 

Barzani also said that after the referendum, we will enter into serious negotiations with Baghdad to discuss all issues concerning Kurdistan people.  

International guarantees are needed when agreements are signed between the central government and an independent Kurdistan, he pointed out. 

If the international community did not come up with a better alternative to the referendum, we will proceed with conducting the referendum, he further stated.  

Moreover, Barzani expressed his rejection to Iran’s interference in Kurdistan Region’s affairs. 
Iran has recurrently objected to holding the region’s referendum. 

Kurdistan Regional Government announced on June 7 that it would vote on September 25 on secession from Iraq.

Last Modified: Friday، 08 September 2017 12:03 PM