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Iran’s adviser Shahroudi criticized over Shiite project in Iraq

Shahroudi and Rouhani

Iran is interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs in a way that does not serve the interests of its people by creating sectarian entrenchment, Amir al-Kanaani, a leader in Ahrar bloc, revealed on Monday.
In press statements, al-Kanaani said that Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of the System, had recently visited Iraq to complete what Iran’s envoy started six months ago to form a pure Shiite political bloc, composed of National Iraqi Alliance (NIA)’s leaders.   
Iran has no new projects in Iraq except for forming this bloc, he noted.
He also pointed out that this move creates a Shiite sectarian entrenchment along with Sunni and Kurdish entrenchments.    
This interference do not serve the interests of the Iraqi people who aspire to form a national bloc transcending sectarianism, he further stated.
Kanaani said that internal conflicts plaguing NIA and the upcoming elections are Iraqi internal affairs and Tehran has nothing to do with them. 
According to media reports, by paying a visit to Baghdad, Shahroudi is paving the way for implementing “an Iranian vision in Iraq” by uniting the governing NIA and melting it in a new crucible ahead of 2018 elections amidst major obstacles.
On Sunday, sources said that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei sent one of his advisers to Iraq to meet with representatives of Shiite parties.
Shahroudi aims to unify Shiite efforts before the upcoming parliamentary elections, they added. 

Last Modified: Tuesday، 05 September 2017 03:38 PM