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Revealed: Hezbollah-ISIS plot to bomb headquarters of Sadrists


Observers have warned of a fishy deal struck between the Lebanon-based terror militia of Hezbollah and ISIS terror outfit.

The deal, said to be sponsored by Iran, includes handing over weaponry to ISIS from Hezbollah militia to mount attacks on headquarters of the Sadrist Movement. 

The Sadrists refused to be locked into Iran's orbit, with the leader Moqtada al-Sadr visiting the Saudi Kingdom and the UAE. So the Mullahs decided to get revenge on him, the observers said.

They went on to say the Iranian intelligence colluded with former premiere Nouri al-Maliki and Tehran's ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi to provide ISIS sophisticated weaponry for targeting the Sadrist hotbeds.

Burning Baghdad 

The commentators forecast that the Iraqi capital Baghdad will be set ablaze in the days to come to disrupt Sadr's efforts and foreign trips aimed at ending Iran's hegemony in Iraq.

They cited Wednesday's bombings that targeted al-Jumilah's popular marketplace, saying this is just the beginning.

They said:"This attack reveal
s how the terror militia of Hezbollah aided ISIS terror leaders to escape."

The analysts also cited the reports speaking of IMIS's abetting of ISIS terrorists to flee the battlefield in Tal Afar as a case in point.

Sources, who spoke to the Baghdad Post of the ISIS-Hezbollah plot, called on Saraya al-Salam to be on high alert in anticipation of any terror attacks. 

Sadrist hotbeds

The sources noted that the deal struck between Hezbollah, Syria regime and ISIS in Arsal is aimed to target Sadr. About 800 ISIS terrorists have been moved from Syria to Iraq for this purpose.

They want to shake stability in Baghdad in retaliation for Sadr's recent attempts to end the Iranian presence in Iraq. 

For his part, Ahmed Ramadan (head of the National Action Movement for Syria) denounced the deal between Hezbollah and ISIS terrorists under the patronage of the Bashar al-Assad regime, calling for the need to take firm action against all three sides of the agreement as terrorists.

"Why do we turn a blind eye to a fishy deal between ISIS, Hezbollah and Assad regime, whereby terrorists will be moved from Lebanon to Syria? Aren't all of its parties terrorists? He wondered in a twitter post.

Sponsored by Iran and Assad regime, the deal includes sending ISIS terrorists to Iraq and Syria.
 Member of the Iraqi parliament's Security and Defense Committee, MP Mohammed Karbouli said that the agreement between Hezbollah militia and ISIS to transfer the families of the latter along with its recruits to the Iraqi border is dangerous. 

He called on the Iraqi government to exert efforts to get to the flip side of this deal.

"All agreements concluded beyond borders always prejudice the rights of the Iraqi people and those living in the cities hit by ISIS terrorism," he said.

He added":The Iraqis engage in fierce battles against ISIS, under the guise of defending religion, and today we see ISIS terrorists being moved to the Iraqi borders."

The lawmaker explained that there are 3,000 ISIS terrorists in the border areas such as Qaim, Annah and Rawah. They are zealously defending outlandish beliefs of the caliphate.And now those lunatic terrorists are boosted by 800 terrorists based on a deal struck beyond borders.

This is disastrous, he continued. 

"The US-led coalition should target those terrorists, even if it will break rules of engagement since they are dangerous criminals," he suggested.

The presence of those recruits in areas adjacent to non-liberated parts of Iraq may allow them join the other terrorists, so the Iraqi government should take the proper steps. 

"ISIS terrorists have been moved to the Iraqi borders to combat Sadr by targeting the Movement's hotbeds," commentators asserted.