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After destabilizing Arab region, Qatar spreads chaos in Africa

Qatar spreads chaos in Africa

Qatar's support of teerrorism is not confined to theArab region. The tiny state plays a dubious role in a number of countries in Africa, supported by terrorist groups.
Qatar hosts terrroists hostile to Chad. It also funds Libya-based terrroists who have recently carried out a series of terror attacks in the African country.  

In response to the Qatari schemes, the Chadian authorities decided to close the Qatari embassy in N'Djamena and gave 10 days to its employees to leave the country.


Chad accused Doha of destabilizing its internal security.


In a statement, Chadian Foreign Ministry said" In response to Qatar's plots to destabilize Chad from Libya, the government decided to close the Qatrai embassy and deportat the ambassador and diplomatic staff".


Qatar plays a more dubious role in Somalia, through the Islamic Youth Organization.


Supported by Qatar, the terror group carries out regular terrorist attacks aimed at bombing hotels and government facilities.


Somali activists voiced concern over Qatar's funding of the organization to carry out its subversive attacks.


In Niger, Qatar's pro-terrroism roles are demonstrated in the support of armed groups.


Qatar's suspicious roles prompted Niger to summon its ambassador to Qatar for consultation. 


Niger's decision came after a meeting between Niger President Mohamedou Essofou and Saudi ambassodr Turky bin Naji al-Ali.


In Mali, Doha supported extremist groups in the north of the country against the French government's fighting operations.


Marianne Le Pen, leader of the right-wing National Front Party, accused Qatar of providing financial and military supports to terrroists in northern Mali.


Among the groups that Qatar funds come Ansar  al-Deen group, Al-Tawheed Wal Jihad and Tuarek separatist group.