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ISIS threatens Vatican Pope: 'We will be in Rome'

ISIS threatens Vatican Pope: 'We will be in Rome'

ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing its fighters stamping on busts of Jesus, ripping pictures of the Pope in half and promising to come to Rome, The Daily Mail reported on Friday.


The video was filmed mostly in the Philippines, where the terrorist group has been fighting a battle with the government for control of the city of Marawi.

The narrator, speaking with a US accent, praises 'the truthful soldiers of Mohammed' who have fought to conquer territory in East Asia while ISIS members are shown wrecking a church. 

One of the terrorists, named 'Abu Jindal', looks straight at the camera and says in English: 'Remember this, you kuffar [an extremely offensive term for non-Muslims] - we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah [god willing]'. 

Last Modified: Friday، 25 August 2017 12:47 PM