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Video: Shiite official admits Iraqi political parties 'corrupted'

Iraqi political parties are basis of corruption - local member

Iraqi political parties have turned into dangerous economical Mafias, Fouad Ali Akbar, member of the Baghdad provincial council, revealed during a TV show.


These parties have money, weapons, and the ability to do whatever they want, but they do not have any principles, or ethics, the Shiite official asserted.

Akbar confirmed that every official is only supporting the party that is helped him in holding his post via using all means including money.

He stressed that the political blocs and parties are the basis of corruption in the country.  


Several observers and monitors pointed out that the Iraqi government and parties - dominated by Shiite Mullah's regime, are totally corrupted. They added that the deteriorating situation that is facing Iraq in the past years are a result of Iran's interferencein Iraq's domestic affairs.


Last Modified: Saturday، 19 August 2017 12:28 PM