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Ministries, institutions mobilize as battle for Tal Afar looms

Iraqi forces

Many Iraqi ministries and government institutions have mobilized in preparation for Tal Afar's liberation battle. 

This comes as the Iraqi Air Force, backed by the US-led coalition, continue shelling Tal Afar to pave the way for conducting a ground offensive to recapture the city, 70 km west of Mosul in Nineveh Governorate, from ISIS terrorists.

The Ministry of Interior has given orders to move hundreds of army and federal police personnel to military camps stationed in the vicinity of the city, an officer from the ministry told The Baghdad Post on Thursday. 


The officer noted that federal police forces would have a significant role in the battle, adding that weapons and equipment have been transferred from federal police camps, located north of Baghdad, to the vicinity of Tal Afar.  

Recapturing Tal Afar is not limited to military preparations, but the Ministry of Migration is getting ready to receive thousands of displaced persons as a result of the expected battle that will erupt in the city. 


In a press conference, Jassim Mohamed, Minister of Displacement and Migration and head of the Supreme Committee for the Relief and Sheltering of Displaced Persons, announced that all the humanitarian preparations for the liberation of Tal Afar had begun.

He also noted that the committee approved providing 40 buses to relocate displaced persons to safe districts and shelters.   

The Minister of Migration said that 968,000 displaced persons fled from combat zones in Mosul city, stressing that over 791,000 persons left Mosul's right bank.  

The number of displaced families in camps across Iraq is estimated at 135,000, equaling 750,000 persons, Mohamed further stated.


He pointed out that this number needs huge humanitarian assistance, adding that the ministry has coordinated with concerned authorities, particularly the UN and government agencies, to address this issue.

He also noted that the latest statistics of the Ministry of Migration revealed that since the fall of Mosul and other Iraqi cities in ISIS' grip in 2014, the number of displaced Iraqis reached 5 million, adding that 2 million and one hundred thousand Iraqis have returned to liberated districts. 


According to previous data from the Ministry of Migration and humanitarian organizations, most of the displaced people from Mosul's right banks were not able to return to their houses despite declaring the full liberation of Mosul on July 10.

ISIS controlled Tal Afar in mid-2014. However, the declaration of the battle for Tal Afar was delayed due to disputes concerning the participation of  Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) in this battle as their participation was met by local and foreign objection, particularly from Turkey. 

Tal Afar's population are mostly Turkmen.   

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