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RRF announces readiness to liberate Tal Afar from ISIS terrorists

Iraqi Rapid Response forces

Rapid Response Force (RRF) has announced that it is fully prepared to liberate Tal Afar city in western Mosul from ISIS terrorists, RRF's media office reported on Sunday.  

In a statement, the media office said that an RRF unit is awaiting the zero hour, which is approaching, to complete the liberation of Nineveh Governorate from ISIS' grip. 

New US military reinforcements arrived Thursday at a military base near Tal Afar in western Mosul in preparation for a new offensive to oust ISIS terrorists.

On Wednesday, a US military base has been established near Tal Afar to oversee the city's liberation.

Hundreds of Iraqi civilians are fleeing the villages around Tal Afar, a city in northwest Iraq, that many fear will be the next battleground in the fight over ISIS' enclaves, Euronews reported Sunday.

Aid workers say around 1,500 civilians have crossed the frontline in the last few days, arriving at this collection point just west of Mosul.

Government forces have been deployed in the past week on the road connecting Mosul with Tal Afar. 

Last month, Rapid Response Force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Amir al-Mohammedawi said that Tal Afar's liberation operation would be qualitative and would be conducted in record time.

Tal Afar has remained an ISIS stronghold since the terrorist group overran vast territories in northern and western Iraq in mid-2014.


Last Modified: Sunday، 13 August 2017 08:05 PM