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Organ trafficking gang in Baghdad mostly composed of 'Iranian women'

Organ trafficking thriving in Iraq

Most of the 20 foreign women, who have been arrested on charges of organ trafficking in Baghdad, are Iranians, a source from the Ministry of Interior revealed Friday. 

On Thursday, Baghdad Operations Command announced that a gang composed of over 18 foreign women were arrested in Iraqi capital over charges of organ trafficking.

The source said that the gang was apprehended while attempting to kidnap a 13-year old girl in Ma'moon neighborhood in central Baghdad.

The source also noted that the gang was carrying out its kidnappings in high-class neighborhoods such as al-Mansour, al-Yarmouk and Zayona.

Initial confessions revealed that the kidnapped children were sold to a begging mafia, he further stated.

He added that the gang also demanded ransoms from abductees' well-off  families.  

This comes as the Iraqi capital is witnessing an increasing number of kidnappings amid a state of insecurity and lack of government control. 

Recurrently, the Iraqi police have announced that most of these crimes are committed by gangs affiliated with influential militias.  

Baghdad has become a huge den for kidnapping gangs and organized crime, Ali al-Hiali, an attorney, said in press statements. 

He also noted that the Iraqi judiciary issues death penalties against people who were arrested in liberated governorates such as Anbar and Salahuddin, but no death sentences were issued against those implicated in kidnappings.   

Last Modified: Friday، 11 August 2017 12:23 PM