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Iran's insider attacks in barracks: What is going on?

Iran conscripts

Multiple insider shootings have been reported at Iranian military bases recently.

In these attacks soldiers open fire on their colleagues, killing some of them and injuring others.

At each incident, the Iranian army officials come out and say that the main reason behind the attack is ' a mental disorder'.

But insiders cite reports speaking of the dire conditions in which those conscripts live, saying those conscripts 'are brimming over with rage'.

Recurrent incidents 

Iran, ruled by an ironclad theocracy, has been seeing a surge in such attacks recently.

According to Iranian media outlets, An Iranian soldier opened fire on his colleagues, killing three and wounding 12 of them at a military air base in south Tehran on Sunday.

The Iranian Army's Air Force said in a statement that a military officer was among the wounded in the incident, which took place earlier in the day in Kahrizak training field, located about 10 kilometers southeast of Tehran.

In July, a soldier opened fire on his comrades, killing three and wounding six at a military base in the town of Abyek, some 62 miles (100 kilometers) west of Tehran. 

The assailant reportedly shot himself in the incident, but survived and was taken to a nearby hospital.

In September, a soldier killed himself after shooting to death three of his comrades in the south of the country.

Iranian regime relies on hundreds of thousands of conscripts for many of its semi-professional military duties. 

The soldiers are mostly conscripted by the army, although other branches of the armed forces, including police and prison guard, can also recruit Iranian men who turn 19. 

The period of the mandatory service is two years.

Why this happens?

These attacks are alarming, say insiders, adding that the justifications brought forth by the Iranian government defy reality.

"The Iranian soldiers are living in dire conditions. They suffer from mistreatment, low pay and discrimination," experts told the Baghdad Post

"The Iranian regime officials say the attackers, are suffering from “temporary psychosis. But they hide the true reasons in fear of commotion or revolt against such inhuman conditions." Other analysts insisted.'