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Secret ISIS terror unit is training British fanatics in Syria

An ISIS-trained terror cell killed 130 people in a bomb and gun attack in Paris in November 2015

A secret unit behind the Paris and Brussels atrocities is training ISIS terrorists to launch murderous attacks in Britain, the SUN reported on Monday.

European fanatics are put through a gruelling seven-month training camp before being smuggled out of Syria on a deadly mission to bring carnage to the West.


“It takes seven months to be trained in al-Kharsa brigade. It is very hard, a captured said.

“If 20 start the training, only five finish it. Then after that they go back to Europe and attack.”, he added.

And British and European fanatics who cannot travel to Syria are given online instruction by the ISIS “external operations unit” in how to carry out mass casualty atrocities, he said.

One such attack by a “sleeper cell” in Britain is said to have been foiled before the terrorists could put their plan into action.


Last Modified: Monday، 07 August 2017 06:34 PM