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Iraq 'heading for major disaster', blocs 'doesn't want reform' - MP

The Iraqi Parliament

Iraq is heading towards a major disaster due to widespread corruption, fraud and dominance of main parties over the political scene, Mithal al-Alusi, head of Civil Democratic Alliance, warned Sunday. 

Alusi said that major parliamentary blocs does not want reform but want to continue playing a predominant role in the political arena. 

He also noted that the best evidence is that main political blocs imposed their will on the electoral system in provincial councils' election bill. 
The meeting is worthless, Alusi said referring to the meeting between leaders of political blocs to solve disputes regarding the elections bill.

He added that next elections require full international sponsorship to give assurances to the Iraqi people and small parties' candidates.

The Iraqi Parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of 21 of 53 articles of provincial councils' election bill and maintained a term stipulating that the candidate who wants to run for election shall not be less than 30.  

Last Modified: Sunday، 06 August 2017 07:38 PM