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New electoral system (9.1) 'injustice to small political blocs' - MP

The Iraqi Parliament

Voting in favor of the new electoral system (9.1) is injustice to the Iraqi people and small and independent political blocs, Hussein al-Zubaidi, a leader in the Iraqi National Forces Coalition, said in a statement on Friday.

The Iraqi Parliament passed on Tuesday the new electoral system (9.1) that represents the electoral threshold required to win a seat in the provincial councils.  

The new electoral system represents and serves the interests of parties that are deeply rooted in politics in accordance with the sectarian and partisan quota-sharing, al-Zubaidi noted.

Zubaidi added that major political blocs turned against reform and disregarded its slogans after voting in favor of articles in the provincial councils' elections bill. 

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of 21 of 53 articles of provincial councils' election bill and maintained a term stipulating that the candidate who wants to run for election shall not be less than 30.  

Last Modified: Friday، 04 August 2017 12:52 PM