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Hakim says won't visit Saudi Arabia unless it withdraws from Yemen, Bahrain

Hakim: I will visit Saudi Arabia if it pulls back troops from Yemen

Ammar Al-Hakim, head of the National Iraqi Alliance (NIA), has laid out conditions to visit Saudi Arabia.

He added, as he spoke to Iranian media on Thursday, that he will visit Saudi Arabia  if it pulls back troops from Yemen and Bahrain.


Experts say these remarks have been made at directives of Mullah regime.

Hakim asserted to the Iranian delegation that he is not considering visiting Saudi Arabia at the time being.

On Wednesday, several Saudi newspapers reported that  Ammar Al-Hakim intended to visit Saudi Arabia.


On Tuesday,Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei sent a strongly worded letter to Ammar Al-Hakim, ordering him to keep out of neighboring countries, particularly Arab and Islamic countries opposing Iran.



Last Modified: Thursday، 03 August 2017 01:41 PM