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KDP describes rejecting independence referendum as 'unjustified'

KDP describes rejecting independence referendum as 'unjustified'

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) criticized personalities, entities, and states that had rejected the independence referendum, Kurdish MP Abdul Qadir Mohammed said Wednesday.

There are several political blocs that conveyed an image to the world and the Iraqi people that the referendum is a starting point of Kurdistan separation from Iraq, he added, confirming that this image is wrong and the rejection is unjustified.

He claimed that the referendum is just a survey and opinion poll, confirming that the referendum will be held on time.

On 7th of June, President of Iraqi Kurdistan region  Masoud Barzani met with Kurdistan political figures and parties and agreed to hold an independence referendum on 25th of September.

They also agreed to hold parliamentary and presidential elections soon after the referendum.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 02 August 2017 01:26 PM